Survey Layout

Survey Layout

The heading of the first page of the survey should contain your logo, your company name, and the survey name.

Beneath the heading should be an opening paragraph from a Senior Executive, the President, or the CEO about the process and why the survey is being conducted.

Following the opening paragraph should be any demographic questions you want to ask on your employee or customer survey. Some companies elect to ask gender, age, race, etc., but more often, the only demographics are those used for grouping data, and length of service (employee surveys).

A good rule of thumb is to only include demographic categories that will truly be of use. For example, if your company is considering partner health insurance, then gender may be an important demographic to capture on an employee survey. But if you don’t plan to use the data, don’t ask the question.

After demographics, instructions are given on how to respond to the survey, particularly with regard to the survey scale.

Then, the questions begin. Usually, 20 to 30 scaled questions for a customer survey and 40 to 60 scaled questions for an employee survey. The questions should be presented in random order for an employee survey to prevent response bias and by topic for a customer survey and market research. It can also be useful to collect qualitative data with open-ended questions.