Survey Question Design

Survey Question Design

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The wording of a survey question strongly influences the answer! Look at the questions below that were previously used by Fortune 500 companies! Data generated from these questions, although it looks normal, is worse than worthless. It is false and misleading without warning, causing management to make multi-million dollar decisions based on misinformation! See if you can identify the problem(s) in each example below:

  • Example: “I can always talk to my supervisor about work-related problems.” (Answer)
  • Example: “Training and career planning are available to me.” (Answer)
  • Example: “Communication at work is good.” (Answer)
  • Example: “The pace at our Company is hectic.” (Answer)

Survey question miswording can lead to skewed data with little or no usefulness!

The Truth and Beauty of Standardized Survey Questions

NBRItems© are statements, not questions, with which respondents rate their agreement or disagreement. This has proven to be the most effective means of evaluating a wide range of attitudes, opinions, and beliefs across a wide range of variables. NBRItems© have been tested on millions of people and are now standardized, which means fixed and unchanging. When you use NBRItems©, you are able to compare your scores against others who have used the identical questions. This is called benchmarking.

Using NBRItems© & NBRI Benchmarking is the most cost and time-effective method of benchmarking a large number of organizational variables available today. NBRItems© are written by psychologists, trained in creating psychological tests (surveys) without the biasing effects of wording inherent in surveys written by non-professionals. NBRItems© are valid, reliable tools you can use with confidence to fully evaluate the topics you select.

NBRItems© are ready to go! You will have no downtime waiting for pilot tests, pretests, or field tests. It has all been done for you! We can create a scientifically pure, customized survey right now that specifically reflects your organization and/or customer base by selecting the standardized questions you need!

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